Saturday, October 06, 2012


So my landlord wants to evict us over us not cleaning our apartment to his specifications when we rented from him thirteen years ago this one bedroom apartment here in Van Nuys, California was sub standard, uninhabitable and lacked basic amenities like a fresh paint job and a shampooed rug. And we will go to court on October 18th of this year to duke it out. This is all a silly argument and all due to retailiation by him because we challenged his ilegal rent increase, He was embarassed and didnt like losing. We countered by calling the Health Department when we discovered a small gas leak from a non working furnace had been infiltrating our apartment's air for four and a half years. We are confident and with God's help we will win. Of course, the Health Department has made him fix everything finally in two apartments out of four. But some people learn lessons only the hard way. Too bad for him. We have A GREAT lawyer. So on we go and hopefully we will win! sometimes yu jus have to battle for your principles.