Monday, July 11, 2011


Well, it's been a month since I have written here and so much has happened. With the grace of God, my writing partner and I have found a theatre to perform our musicals in the city of Sherman Oaks. It's a really beautiful theatre and no, it's not the grandeur of the stage in the picture,but it is a stage that is twenty four feet wide and thirty feet deep with an electronic curtain, spots, special effect lighting and amazing beautiful cabaret seating. This theatre is a little gem and the Good Lord led us to it and I am so grateful to Him. The rental is modest and we have a an amazing publicist named Bill Hooey for whom we are turning his novel into a musical for a trade in services . It's an unusual tale let us just say that and its a great irony that we are turning this type of subject into a musical show, but we already have forty-five pages written and several songs. Our plans is to turn this venue into a self contained dinner theatre utilizing a caterer serving well drinks and wine and rewarding the cast with our profits. Our dinner theatre price will be thirty-three dollars ans will include a main course like Yankee Pot Roast, potato, veggies, bread, salad, dessert plus bottled water or ice tea and one well drink. We're thinking of adding three or four four dollars for a second helping option. All in all, with God's help we will put on a 9/11 Memorial show plus a review show with many of musicals in that show being previewed. And now also we are very close to making a deal for our TV series "First Mother" with Lanie Kazan set to star as the title character. I want this so much to happen and finally make my sisters proud of me. It's tough being related to a dreamer, especially when these same three sisters (two older, one younger) never really had a big dream of their own. Raising a family is wonderful, trust me, but the gift of having a dream and sticking with that dream until it has been realized is a joy I can not begin to describe to you. When God gives you a special talent, He expects you to carry through with that talent and see it trough to it's grand big conclusion. My manager Jimmy Chapel understands this and my partner John Nugent certainly understands this. We've been plugging away for the same amount of time. So now with God's guidance and help, we can get these first two projects cast and staged. This time John and I are not trying to direct. Thank goodness! We heard yesterday that a big TV director is interested in our musical "Brothers Laughter". So everyone who reads my blog (it's been going on for five years and a month) say a little prayer that things go right and smooth. If we can sell some ads and get a corporate sponsorship, we will really be ahead. And belatedly may I wish Neil Simon a Happy Birthday. He turned eighty-four on the Fourth of July. Amazing guy. Complex-as he brother Danny called him, but amazing.